WoW Strategy Guide – Getting the Best Wow Experience With World of Warcraft Strategy Guides

WoW Leveling Strategy

A player can level-up his character from level 1-70 if he has the Burning Crusade  Buy wow gold expansion. With its addition, there are easy methods that will get a character to any capitol cities in WoW with minimum hassle are available. All that it calls for is either a hike or teleport to Shattrath City in the forest of Terokkar.

The first level up to the twentieth level can be easy for players in the Alliance Faction. All that an Alliance would do is to head to Elwynn forest and then to westfall. Once an Alliance is through with westfall, he can then proceed to Redridge Mountain and then to Duskwood.

WoW Gold Strategy

In this game, gold is the major currency and gathering gold is one of the main pursuits. The more gold you have, the more successful you can be. Gold can be obtained by spending time killing creatures in a location and taking their gold. Gold can also be gained by spending time farming for items like leather, cloth and ore.

Grinding is the process of repetitive action, like killing monsters or working up your trade skill. As you get up into higher levels, spending time grinding can be lucrative if you are grinding in the right paths. Grinding in sections where unique items have been dropped by the creatures is an effective way to obtain gold.

At the game’s early stage, statistical bonus is one of the benefits that a gamer’s character is endowed with. Suppose a gamer’s character is weary and tired, he can augment its health to the climax almost directly by letting it gorge upon its identifiable foundations. Therefore, drinking and eating is a benefit that a character gains from cooking. However, the capability to generate money out of cooking in WoW has not yet been incorporated. The main function of cooking in WoW takes place as the game nears its end. By cooking, gamers can obtain a few large statistical bonuses that virtually target a specific character at the 80th level of the game.

WoW Honor

Honor is a type of currency in World of Warcraft. Honor can be gained by achieving an ‘honorable kill’ in battle. With a specific sum of honor, a gamer can begin acquiring epic and rare items for more skilled PvP.

WoW Questing

For those who have just started playing WoW, they will swiftly discover that it is easy to get stuck and get lost in the game. If a gamer is having a hard time searching for quests that are appropriate for his level, he can inquire to other players for leads on certain quests that have not yet been done. Players must try talking to party members around their level or they may be told of a quest that is not appropriate for them.

A great strategy that a solo player can adopt when questing is to do as many quests as he can in a region and then travel to another area of around the same level and begin the quests there. Before entering a dungeon, gamers must ensure that they already have all of the necessary quests.

Normally, a gamer can run away from a creature or a monster. In some cases, monsters will continue to chase a character to the exit of the dungeon. Nevertheless, it is important to stop monsters from leaving the dungeon. Some abilities that players can use in order to prevent a monster from leaving are Rogue slowing poisons. However, do not use Fear in the dungeon for it may enable monsters to summon other monsters.

Read guides like this “World of Warcraft Strategy Guide” and others to gain knowledge, and learn to think fast, think smart, think ahead and make good choices. WoW strategy guides will help you gain the best WoW experience.

In this WoW Strategy Guide the aim is to understand the importance of strategy in the game. World of Warcraft is not a game where you just wonder around, see what happens and hope for the best. That will lead to a very poor experience. Strategy is the key, so you need to think fast, think smart, think ahead, and make good choices. This World of Warcraft Strategy guide will give you ideas for WoW strategies to get you thinking the right way.


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