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New Roofing Company Set to Take Over Jacksonville Florida

After dealing with the individuals at “One Shot Roofing”, I am convinced that there is no stopping this company. With level heads and a sharp business sense, they are set to become a construction industry giant in Northeast Florida, or at least I hope they do. My experience with the company started when I needed a new roof in order to sell my home… in four days.

Not too long ago I found myself in a very tight spot, I had entered into a contract to sell my home but an inspection revealed that a new roof was needed by closing (four days away). I couldn’t push back the closing date for a number of reasons. Without a new roof, the buyer would not be able to get homeowner’s insurance and would be forced to get out of the contract. So I set out to find a roofing company that could put a new roof on in a ridiculously small amount of time.

I found only two companies that would take on the job due to the timeline. To say the least, it wasn’t a very difficult decision to make after speaking with Daniel Schott, one of the owners of “One Shot Roofing”. Daniel spoke to me at my level and at no point did I feel like he was going to rake me over the coals because of my tight timeline. He also knew everything you could imagine about waterproofing. He was showing me things on the roof and giving me options that the other roofing company never even mentioned. He also showed me where wood needed to be replaced and where my porch roof needed to be replaced. He also offered me a type of shingle that had a longer guarantee. YOU MIGHT BE THINKING I GOT TAKEN FOR A RIDE… But I didn’t. He was $1000 cheaper than the other company.

It might not make sense that I would do anything other 離岸公司 than what I absolutely needed to, to sell it, but I was assured by Daniel that the price would be cheaper than any other company and of course it was. As soon as the deal was signed with “One Shot Roofing”, Daniel immediately began ordering the materials from my driveway. By the time he left, everything was ordered. Talk about customer service.

Well, it’s said that “the proof is in the pudding” and two days after I initially talked with Daniel, the new roof was ready for inspection. It passed without issue and it was noted on the inspection report that the repairs exceeded what was expected. “One Shot Roofing” saved me from a nightmare.

As the company’s website (www.oneshotroofing.com) says, they are experts in roof replacement, metal roofs, waterproofing and repairs. I know this because they did all of that stuff to my house, in record time, with higher quality and at a better rate. I recommend you call them if you need your roof fixed or if you just want to talk to a really great group of people.

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