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How You Can Write Compelling Pay Per Click Ads?

In order to make your Pay Per Click campaign work you must grab the attention of your prospective business partners and customers. How do you do that? Take a look at the majority of ads on Google and if you are like me, you say, BORING! You Must write an ad that incorporates the following emotional issues…Namely, the benefits of taking action, pain avoidance, curiosity, and are they missing out on something compelling? If you fail to utilize AT LEAST two of these, your ads will be ineffective.

Let’s talk about each one of these.  free classified ads pakistan  Benefits. Is it enough to state a simple concept like…Make Money Online? Ask yourself the question, would you respond to an ad like that? I didn’t think so. Neither would I. The statement, while a benefit, is simply too generic. How about Pain Avoidance? Is it enough to say, don’t be scammed or don’t lose your chance to make money? The answer is NO. Again, it is not specific enough. Are They Missing Out? This is similar to Pain Avoidance but you must state in an intriguing way that your prospective business associate or customer must act in order to avoid suffering the consequences of inaction. How About Curiosity? In most cases generic statement do not illicit curiosity in most people. Why not try this instead…

Use the strategy of writing ads for a specific individual and you will have better success than writing an ad that appeals to large groups of people. If you remember this concept your ad campaigns will be much more productive. Why is this true? Would you agree that it is an individual who is reading your ad? So, wouldn’t it be prudent to write an ad that an individual would be attracted to? You see, if you try to appeal to the masses, you have to be so generic that no individual will find your ad compelling.

Let’s look at a few examples… How are these headlines? Secret of MLM Success? or Secret to Massive Lead Generation ? Here is the description- How to Recruit Prospects at the Push of a Button and Generate Endless Free leads. ” Is this ad written for an individual or for the masses? Does the ad give you the idea that there is a benefit to what is offered? Does it create curiosity? Pain Avoidance? Would you feel like you were missing out on something if you didn’t take action? For me, I think this ad meets three of the four criteria. Can you think of a way to improve these titles even more?

What are the two most effective words to use in pay per click ads or ads for lead generation? Or for that matter, any advertisements? The word “free” and the word “you” head the list. If you can speak to the person directly, you hit an emotional cord more quickly and have a better chance for that person to take action. Look at the title of this article? Did the title create a benefit, curiosity, pain avoidance, and give you the feeling you might be missing out? The fact that you have read this far proves that this system works. Notice that I also made sure I addressed the issue directly to you! Let’s compare the article’s title to the title I used in my first draft… “How To Write Compelling Pay Per Click Ads to Generate Leads for Your MLM Business!”

Not bad, but for my taste, this title did not connect with me on a deep enough level. Simply changing the ad to say How YOU can write compelling PPC ads, and then adding the word Massive to the title added a great benefit and a tremendous curiosity in my mind. Play with this concept. Experiment with different titles. See how they make YOU feel. If the title grabs your attention, it probably will grab someone else as well!

Alfred Santoro is an entrepreneur and internet marketer who is willing to share his formula for success to those who have a keen interest in bettering themselves. He understands that its not just plugging into a system that creates success, but incorporating a good mindset with positive expectations, as well as surrounding yourself with other forward thinking people.

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